Our values

Who said diamonds should be worn on special occasions only? We’re here to make sure they can be worn all day, every day.

Highest quality

We at KARAAT are all about sustainability combined with the highest quality and best price. All our jewelry is made from solid 18K gold, making sure the jewelry lasts and won’t rub off or change color over time. This way we’re able to offer you the highest value for jewelry that will keep its value for a lifetime. Designed in Finland and hand-crafted in Italy, we have put great effort into creating a perfect combination of modern and minimalist and timeless design with the best execution.


Modern luxury should be built with modern materials that are all ethical, of high quality and made with no exceptions. The diamonds used in our jewelry are created in laboratories by environmental and ethical principles so you can wear luxury with a clean conscience.

Luxury with the best price

Fair pricing and high value - yes please! We are raising the standards for fine diamond jewelry by creating affordable pieces with the best possible quality. Thanks to our ability to deliver pieces to you straight from our manufacturer, we’re able to offer our jewelry for a fraction of traditional jewelry prices.