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What is the famous tennis bracelet and where did it get its name?

What is the famous tennis bracelet and where did it get its name?

What is the famous tennis bracelet?

Most commonly known as the tennis bracelet, but also known as the diamond bracelet or eternity bracelet. It is a piece of fine diamond jewelry with a symmetrical arrangement of diamonds very close together, around the entire wrist. There are many variations of the bracelet, with different settings, thicknesses, precious metals and colors of diamonds.

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Where does the name for tennis bracelets come from?

But why is this iconic and famous jewelry, this elegant and gorgeous bracelet named according to the sport, tennis?

Well simply, the tennis bracelet became famous in a game of tennis. In 1987 a top American tennis player Chris Evert was playing tennis at the US Open. Evert was known for always wearing a diamond bracelet, even on the tennis court. The bracelet got its moment of fame, later becoming an iconic piece of diamond jewelry, during a match where Evert lost the bracelet from her wrist. Evert requested the judges to stop the match until the precious bracelet was found, it was her lucky charm. The game was paused, bracelet found, and history made.

Today, it has been worn during tennis matches by tennis players such as Serena Williams but has become a highly valued piece of fine jewelry design for everyone to wear – it’s timeless, classic and beautiful.


How are they made? How are our tennis bracelets made?

Depending on the chain length and the size of the diamonds, one chain requires from 40 to over 100 diamonds next to each other. For the look of seamless diamonds, an eternal diamond loop around your wrist, the diamonds need to be as similar as possible. What comes to tennis bracelets, they are not like people, standing out is not a good thing!

Once the diamonds are selected carefully by size, measures, shape and color – they are individually placed in white gold. These pieces are then individually polished and prepared for being linked together by hand.

The entire process needs to be done carefully, with skilled professionals. It is often said that a good jewelry maker is recognized by their skill of making a tennis bracelet due to its requirement of careful work and dedication. When this process is done correctly, you will get a seamless row of diamonds on your wrist – in our case sustainable diamonds – and as wide and beautiful of a smile on your face!

The finishing touch is to add a locket in the bracelet, ensuring that moments like the one of Chris Evert losing the bracelet off the wrist does not happen to you. 

Guide for buying and wearing a tennis bracelet

Spring Ring clasp

The Spring Ring Clasp is the most common form of jewelry clasp you'll find in bracelets. This clasp features a metal ring with a spring mechanism that is triggered by pulling back a small lever. This clasp type is elegant, versatile and secure - perfect for a diamond tennis bracelet! 

Lobster clasp

Similar to the Spring Ring, the Lobster Clasp is another common form of jewelry clasp, and clasp features a metal oval ring with a spring mechanism that is triggered by pulling back a small lever. This clasp type is sturdy, versatile and secure - perfect for a four-row diamond tennis bracelet! 

Barrel clasp

The Barrel Clasp features two metal pieces that screw together and look like a barrel. This style clasp can be very fiddly but is incredibly secure.

Push-lock clasp 

The push-lock usually comes with two locking mechanisms to secure the bracelet. One where the two ends are pushed together locking them together, and the other to secure that the push-lock can’t be pulled open.

Our tennis bracelets are made with the push-lock. This is the option we found the prettiest and most secure.

When to wear a tennis bracelet?

In our opinion, all jewelry should be worn on every occasion. The tennis bracelet definitely does not shy away from any – celebration or the tennis court. May we suggest not wearing your bracelet during exercising though..

Want to go for a classy look? You could wear a black dress and white gold tennis bracelet with diamonds and matching diamond accessories.

More casual and fresh look? A rose gold tennis bracelet and white summer dress are the perfect romantic outfit for dining at sunset when away on holiday.

What about making a statement? Select a tennis bracelet with colored diamonds.

When to gift a tennis bracelet?

There are many occasions that are perfect for gifting a tennis bracelet – to someone or yourself! Celebrating any milestone in your or someone’s life, birthday gift, for mother’s day or wrapped up under the Christmas tree. This gift will also last longer and be much more meaningful than the usual bouquet of roses you gift on valentine’s day – not to mention any electronics you think she wants..


In the end – there are no occasions when a tennis bracelet wouldn’t be a perfect gift to a partner, friend, parent or yourself!

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