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Our story

KARAAT Jewelry was born from a shared love of diamonds and fine craftsmanship by founders Julia Hakanpää and Jani Leirimaa in 2019. Their journey, fueled by a desire for transparency in the diamond industry, led to the creation of a brand that combines luxury with sustainability, and quality with accessibility.

At KARAAT, we craft timeless, sustainable pieces designed for everyday elegance. Our journey into the diamond industry unveiled a need for ethical transparency, driving us to revolutionize traditional practices. We pride ourselves on creating durable, beautiful jewelry that resonates with modern values, balancing luxury with ethical responsibility.

Designed in the Nordics, and made in Rome, Italy and Antwerp, Belgium, our collections embody timeless charm and modern functionality. We focus on responsible production, transparent pricing, and high-quality materials, ensuring our jewelry not only enhances your style but aligns with your conscience. KARAAT Jewelry stands as a symbol of sustainable luxury, inviting you to embrace a more mindful approach to fine jewelry.

Highest quality

At KARAAT, we prioritize sustainability and superior quality, offering exceptional value. Our jewelry, crafted from solid 18K gold, ensures durability and a lasting shine. This approach provides jewelry that retains both its beauty and value over time.

Designed in Finland and hand-made in Italy and Belgium, our pieces merge modern materials with timeless elegance. Choosing KARAAT means investing in quality and mindful craftsmanship, ensuring every piece is a symbol of enduring luxury.

Sustainable materials

Modern luxury should be built with modern elements and materials that are created with high ethical standards and of high quality. The diamonds used in our jewelry are created in laboratories by environmental and ethical principles so you can wear luxury pieces with a clean conscience. Our high quality 18-karat gold lasts for generations to come and retains its value just as long.

Luxury without exceptions

Elevating the benchmarks for fine diamond jewelry, we proudly offer affordable luxury without compromising on quality. Our direct-from-manufacturer approach enables us to present our exquisite pieces at a fraction of conventional jewelry costs, making high-end elegance accessible. With KARAAT, you'll experience the blend of fair pricing and unmatched value.