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Our story


KARAAT Jewelry was born in Finland out of love for diamonds and fine jewelry. What began as a thought of designing dainty, sustainable and timeless pieces quickly developed into the creation of jewelry that is more affordable and more sustainable without compromising the quality.

The idea


In 2019 we were introduced to the diamond jewelry industry and quickly learned how much there is that people (including ourselves) don’t know of and don’t have a chance to see. The desire to bring the traditional industry to the present day and create something more transparent became the number one drivers for KARAAT and motivate us to deliver the exceptional pieces for you.

From the idea to

The Jewelry

Proud to design our pieces in the Nordics, we are all about creating beautiful pieces worthy of the people who wear them, that will last a lifetime and can be worn anywhere, every day. We focus on creating jewelry that adds a little bit of luxury to your day but also makes you feel good and can be worn with good conscience.

A collection of timeless designs with modern, high quality and durable materials strong enough for every day combined with transparent pricing is what we strive for. We believe these are the qualities for jewelry worthy of today.

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The Founders

It was not beautiful and shiny jewelry that brought Julia and Jani together but love for one another - enough to decide to defy a national pandemic and get married in the midst of it.

After getting engaged in 2019, they quickly discovered the lack of transparency in the diamond industry. While searching for the perfect wedding and engagement rings, finding options that matched their values proved so difficult that they decided to change the traditional diamond jewelry industry themselves and find a modern option that would answer simple questions such as 'where do your diamonds come from?'. Curiosity and the desire to create jewelry sustainably, ethically and transparently are the things that have brought KARAAT to this day.

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