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Discover diamond necklaces combining ethical craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and modern design. Delicate yet stunning, each necklace is adorned by the brightest lab-grown diamonds that will last a lifetime.
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Diamond necklaces for women

KARAAT's diamond necklaces are crafted with ethically sourced laboratory diamonds and high-quality 18-karat recycled gold. All of KARAAT's necklaces are handmade, upholding principles of sustainability and respecting both the environment and humanity. A KARAAT diamond necklace is an excellent choice for a woman who values responsibility, first-class craftsmanship, high quality, and beautiful designs. In our necklace collection, you'll find both timeless classics and modernly stylish pieces suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. A KARAAT diamond necklace is made to last through generations, so you can wear your necklace with confident every single day. Our necklaces are available in three gold colors: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Explore our diamond necklace collection and indulge yourself or gift a loved one. Please feel free to contact us if assistance is needed - we’re happy to help you.